Taking Link Building to Your Local Community

It’s very hard to separate link building with community engagement. I have slowly moved from using traditional marketing strategies and strived to integrate my link building campaigns to community engagement.

The good thing about this is that the society has already become empowered thanks to technology. A big chunk of the population already engages in online activities such as making purchases and so forth. They, therefore, have an idea about link building campaigns going around. Besides that, they have also learned about offline link building campaigns.

Community engagement closes the gap between offline and online marketing. It literally breaks the idea that link building can only be done online. I personally apply an egalitarian approach when it comes to link building. This is contrary to most people who only use one approach to their link building activities.

There are various other offline activities that can be lead to link building activities such as social networks, emails, social events and marketing channels. The notion that link building activities can only be carried out through online channels is almost becoming outdated considering the way things are going in the marketing world.

Marketing often requires a change of strategy in order to engage customers from time to
time. As much as the internet is considered one of the greatest marketing tools in the current world, there is also a need to look back and see how other offline strategies can be used in the context of link building.

Offline link building makes it possible to interact with people in the real world and that is probably why it is slowly becoming a favorite for some people. There are certain products or services that require personal engagement with prospective customers in order to convince them about that particular product or service. That is where the idea of offline link building comes in.

Community link building can sometimes be a challenge to achieve not unless you have a good strategy of doing so. In my case, I started by hosting a blogger focus group in a new menu. After which the bloggers were able to share the articles on their own websites and blogs.

This made it easy for people to learn about our new menu and the strategy we were trying to implement. The bloggers, in turn, became long-term influencers who continued to work for a certain brand for several months. You won’t believe how the strategy worked within a short period of time.

Ways of taking link building to your local community
Most people wonder how they can apply link building activities within their local
communities. The following are some of the best ways of achieving that.

 sponsoring of events
 Give away a cool swag
 Host an event
 Volunteer at a local charity
 Request to be a speaker in a local event
 Sponsor several local bloggers so that they can hold an event for you
 Create an amazing article about a recent exciting industry event

After you have managed to accomplish all that ensure you also pitch local news outlets about your link building strategy. Most of such media houses crave for interesting local content and therefore there’ll be no harm asking them.

What are the benefits of community engagement?
Community engagement generally gives you an opportunity to take advantage of local opportunities to create great content. Besides that, it also helps you to build a relationship with your local community.


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  2. Community engagement strategy implementation, like other wide-ranging change initiatives, benefits from a structured, pragmatic approach to manage the change, to improve benefits realization, and to accelerate adoption of the changes being implemented.


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